Top 10 Productivity Apps

Lesson Progress:

In this lesson, there are short videos introducing each of the Top 10 Productivity apps and tools. The best way to get going is to give them a try. There are tutorials on the websites of each app if you want to use more advanced features.


Trello is like a room full of pinboards where each board represents a project. For example, you might have a holiday planning board, with lists for each country on your radar. Within each list you create cards with more action items. 


If you need to track the time taken on a client’s project then Toggl tracks time live or you can manually input the information



The free version allows you to link up to three social media accounts. Schedule a maximum of 30 social media posts and integrate 2 RSS feeds. Hootsuite links with over 150 other app and has basic analytics.


IFTTT – If this, then that

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an automation tool which links two apps together to save time.



Zapier moves information between web apps. A free account allows you to make 5 automations or Zaps as they are called which can run up to 100 times a month



Secure your LastPass account with a master password and add in each account where you have a log in (such as Facebook)  To access a secure account you simply click on the application icon within LastPass



Evernote allows you to save and organise research and notes either as an individual or in teams. It has a browser extension for the speedy saving of websites and can be synced across multiple devices.


Focus-Productivity Timer

Set your own work/break times and the number of iterations before a longer break with this Pomodoro app. The Pro version allows you to add in specific tasks. When you first start out go the Settings to set your work time and your break time and the number of iterations before your long break.

Here is a short video of the Pro version


Google Drive

Store your files and Google docs, sheets and slides in the cloud. Open a Gmail account and get started with this browser and mobile suite.



Set your goals and habits and receive reminders with this tracker which motivates you with charts