I teach busy business people, just like you, how to grow amazing businesses

Just $33 per month (equivalent to £25 per month*)

*USD to GBP exchange rate as at 28 Feb 2019.



You’re an expert in your field. Someone who has a passion for your specialism. 

However, running a business without a team means you’re the finance department, the marketing manager, the admin guru, the graphic designer and copywriter! That’s just too many hats for one person.

The Business Focus Academy will teach you the key skills invaluable for time poor entrepreneurs who want to take control of their working day and focus on the work they love.

The BUSINESS FOCUS ACADEMY is an Online Membership training programme with fortnightly support from me, Amanda Brown, business consultant and founder of the Homepreneur Community.

The Modules and Lessons are uploaded regularly to the membership website and consist of:

  • video training

  • checklists and templates

  • worksheets

You will have lifetime access to the modules as long as you are a member so you can go back over them at your leisure.

Fortnightly online 'Office Hours'

Hi! My name’s Amanda Brown, business consultant and founder of the Homepreneur Community, a website and group to help people who work from home overcome the challenges of running a home-based business.

The Homepreneur blog is a whole raft of resources on productivity, mindset, networking, coworking and interviews. Published weekly it’s aimed at freelancers, coaches, consultants and creatives who have left the corporate 9 to 5 to pursue a career which allows them the freedom to create their ideal lifestyle and have control over their work-life balance.


Module 1:   Focus on Planning – business planning, cash flow forecasting and budgeting, SWOT analysis and weekly scheduling

Module 2:   Focus on Action – elements of marketing, operations, finance and sustainable growth

Module 3:   Focus on Marketing 1 – website essentials, email marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn lead generation

Module 4:   Focus on Marketing 2 – blogging, autoresponders, automation, and networking

Module 5:   Focus on the Productive Mindset – the Art of the Possible

Module 6:   Focus on Skills – graphics, audio and video, productivity tools and apps, new media of podcasts and webinars

Module 7:   Focus on your Customer – referrals, recommendations and testimonials

Module 8:   Focus on your Story – the importance of people to people brand building

Module 9:   Focus on Efficiency and Effectiveness – making the best use of your time and money by maximising outputs at minimal input

Module 10: Focus on Finance – the 10+10+10+10 revenue growth model

Module 11: Focus on Growth – vertical integration and diversification

Module 12: Focus on Review – accountability, mentors, coaches and the annual review

There will be a fortnightly call – ‘Office Hours’ – where you can attend the Zoom online meeting and ask questions about your specific problems. 

You also have the benefit of listening to other members’ questions which can be really useful.



Have you ever been to a business skills workshop, for example on Google analytics?

  • Did you remember everything you learned in the 3 hours?
  • Was it worth $90 or £90…or more?
  • Was a detailed training session really necessary for your business?
  • Or was it overload?
  • Were you given a recording of the session to refer back to?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then you are in the right place.

Sharing 20 years' experience with you

As a business consultant and trainer, I have advised hundreds of business people who struggle with being overwhelmed, juggling too many tasks. Being a member of the Business Focus Academy you will learn the key skills needed to run your business effectively without the need for attending multiple courses.

The Academy focuses on applying the principles of just enough learning  and just in time learning. 

This simply means clarity.

I’m here to provide you with motivation and accountability

Frequently asked questions

You can start the membership at any time and take as long as you like to complete it. The sooner you get going and start making progress, the sooner you’ll be on your journey to more effective content.

You can start the training at any time and take as long as you like to complete it. The sooner you get going and start making progress, the sooner you’ll be on your journey to more focus.

You have life-time access to the training.

You can either email me or join the  fortnightly Office Hours live online call.


We use Stripe as our payment processor which takes all major debit and credit cards.

The modules will vary in length depending on the topic. Most of the videos will be less than 30 minutes in length but of course you can stop and start them to fit in with your schedule.

The membership is open worldwide. Most non-US based business people are used to purchasing services in US dollars but this is not necessarily the case the other way round. The exchange rate used is as at 28 Feb 2019.

What others say.....

Amanda has so much business experience which is a real bonus. I feel inspired and motivated to implement her strategies into my business and my personal life, saving me time and ensuring that I focus on the core elements of my business.
Efa Schmidt
Home Property Finders
Amanda’s course is really useful and enjoyable. The time audit was helpful because throughout the course I could link the topics covered to my individual situation and role. Definitely a workshop worth making time for!
Suzy Moody
Home-Start Hertfordshire
I am buzzing from all the ideas and practical tips and can’t wait to get started on my list of action points! Your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated. I don’t think I have ever looked at my productivity in a business sense which was a real eye opener. Some of the smallest changes are going to have a huge impact. I feel a lot clearer going forward.
Emma Cummings
Ian Scott Photography
The course totally exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much about time management and my mindset both figuratively and emotionally. I feel invigorated with a new motivation to put some basic yet time saving systems in place. I look forward to doing more of Amanda’s workshops.
Alison Wildon
I used Amanda to help with a marketing strategy for my personal training business Amanda was excellent throughout the whole process and guiding me to enhance the profile of my business and obtaining new clients Amanda's knowledge and expertise have been really helpful and I would definitely highly recommend her I’m looking forward to the next review of how to drive my business even further.
Ross Greer
RG Core Fitness
I contacted Amanda because I felt overwhelmed. Amanda shares her vast experience and expertise in a clear, no nonsense sort of way. She 'gets' the challenges and uncertainties facing anyone running their own business. She is able to offer options, different ways of seeing things to help you find the solutions required to get your business moving in the right direction and to the next level. I highly recommend Amanda if you are serious about building your business and is always positive, informative, supportive and real.
Angie Vaughan
Wellness consultant