The homepreneur productivity course

Learn the step-by-step process to save 10 hours a week for optimal work-life balance


In a hectic, information-overloaded world there has never been a more important time to take a deep breath and evaluate how hard, and how many hours you are working. The phrase ‘WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER’ is good advice.

But what does this mean in practical terms?

When you are busy running a business, as well as looking after a family, there’s simple not enough time to fit everything in without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. 

Simply writing a to-do list is not enough!

In the Productivity Course, I show you step-by-step how to plan your week, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, bringing structure to chaos and calm to your hectic daily routine.


Over the past 20 years, I have worked from my home office and tried and tested a whole raft of different time saving strategies. Most of them focused on saving HOURS but ignoring the MONEY.

In this Productivity Course, I help you take an objective look at all the numbers and where time savings can be made, and where there is scope for revenue growth. 

I’ll take you through the process step-by-step showing you how to save 10 hours a week and how to gain control of your working week.


If you earn $60 per hour and save 10 hours a week, which you put into revenue-generating work, that’s an additional $600 per week. Alternatively, devote your time-saving to a new project, learning a new skill or pursuing a new interest.


9 modules

Productivity Workbook to complete alongside the Course

  • Video lessons
  • All the slides are included as PDFs
  • Audio downloads as MP3s
  • Templates for schedules
  • Spreadsheets for calculators
  • Bonus lesson: 10+10+10+10 Revenue Growth Model
  • Bonus training for content creators
  • Answers on Tap – email support to answer your specific questions.
  • Monthly Live Training Sessions


this is for you if...

You are a consultant, coach or freelancer wanting to become more effective and efficient by saving 10 hours a week. 

Learn productive habits and the importance of a routine which focuses on revenue generating tasks. 

An entrepreneur launching a new business

Launching a new business takes planning, focus and determination as well as an ability with the numbers. Starting out with the most productive weekly routine backed with good habits will set you up for long-term success.

A busy parent with family responsibilies

Juggling family life with running your own business and wearing many hats is a recipe for burnout, putting not only your health at risk but also the enjoyment of spending time with your family.

A consultant burning the candle at both ends

Research shows that working long hours isn't productive. Early mornings and late nights eventually takes it's toll. Reducing the working week by 10 hours will help both your health and family life.


MODULE 1: Productivity, time & money

3 lessons

  • What productivity means for consultants, coaches, trainers and freelancers.
  • The limited resources of time and money.
  • How to save 10 hours so you can increase revenue or spend more time  on your personal life.
  • How to undertake a Time audit.
  • Introducing the Working time calculator.

Quick Wins for personal time saving

1 lesson

  • Quick wins to save you time in your personal life without breaking the bank.
  • Organise your household chores and delegate to save time

The Productive Mindset

3 lessons

  • Understand the unproductive mindset.
  • Develop good habits with the right mindset 
  • Preparation and planning is the key to success.
  • Learn the ultimate method for allocating your time.
  • Understand the importance of breaks as the secret to success.

The Productive Week

3 lessons

  • Save 2 hours a week by redesigning your weekly schedule.
  • Implement 10 time-saving tips.
  • Evaluate the positive impact on your revenue.

Winning the Work

3 lessons

  • Build a framework for analysing which marketing methods are working for your business. 
  • Learn the tools  for saving a minimum of an hour a week on your marketing.
  • Optimise your social media efforts.

Doing the Work

3 lessons

  • Learn the best method for blocking and batching your work.
  • Get to email inbox zero
  • Benefit from shorter meetings without comprising on quality.

The Art of Delegation

1 lesson

  • Learn the best way to delegate to gain back hours in your week.
  • Understand when, what and how to outsource.

Tools & Apps

1 lesson

  • There’s an app for almost every task.
  • Get set up on the top 10 productivity tools and apps we recommend.

Bringing it all together

1 lesson

  • In this final lesson the whole system is reviewed.
  • See exactly how 10 hours is saved over the course of a week.

what's included

In addition to 9 Modules, the Productivity Course includes access to:


The whole Productivity Course is accompanied by the Workbook. It provides you with a comprehensive roadmap for ensuring you cover all the action points and implement all the training into your business processes.


Every business is as unique as its owner. Some parts of the Productivity Course will be more relevant to your particular circumstance than others.
Simply get in touch with any questions you may have which are specific to your business and your productivity challenges.


Some of the lessons are accompanied by specific templates which you can download and use for your own time saving activities. The template library brings them all together. As you have lifetime access to the course, you will have access tonew templates as they become available at no additional cost.


Productivity is all about maximising your output for minimal input. It’s about working smart not harder. To further increase your revenue, I have put together a bonus video which shows you 4 ways to generate more revenue without escalating your costs


In addition to the core modules, I have included a 3-part video series for those of you who create content on a regular basis and how to optimise your sharing and amplification of that content.

Frequently asked questions

You can start the course at any time and take as long as you like to complete it. The sooner you get going and start making progress, the sooner you’ll be on your journey to better work-life balance.

You have life-time access to the course.

Yes. You have access to all the Modules, Lessons, bonuses and resources immediately. This allows you to see the extent of the course and plan your time accordingly.

Just ask your question by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible 

We use Stripe as our payment processor which takes all major debit and credit cards.

If you are unhappy with the course, please get in touch in the first instance. But we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy and will repay you in full within 30 days.

There are nine modules – 46 video lessons in total. Some video lessons are just a few minutes long. Most are under 15 minutes. 

Some of the lessons will require homework for you to do which may take a few hours, but trust me it will be worth it.

If you follow the advice and take action, you will starting making time savings almost immediately. 

We have set the target at 10 hours a week but with time I know you can save even more and generate more revenue at the same time. 

What others say.....

Amanda has so much business experience which is a real bonus. I feel inspired and motivated to implement her strategies into my business and my personal life, saving me time and ensuring that I focus on the core elements of my business.
Efa Schmidt
Home Property Finders
Amanda’s course is really useful and enjoyable. The time audit was helpful because throughout the course I could link the topics covered to my individual situation and role. Definitely a workshop worth making time for!
Suzy Moody
Home-Start Hertfordshire
I am buzzing from all the ideas and practical tips and can’t wait to get started on my list of action points! Your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated. I don’t think I have ever looked at my productivity in a business sense which was a real eye opener. Some of the smallest changes are going to have a huge impact. I feel a lot clearer going forward.
Emma Cummings
Ian Scott Photography
The course totally exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much about time management and my mindset both figuratively and emotionally. I feel invigorated with a new motivation to put some basic yet time saving systems in place. I look forward to doing more of Amanda’s workshops.
Alison Wildon